Lion King themed wedding cake

Hats off to this most willing and daring pair of bride and groom – who took a leap of faith and followed their hearts rather than the crowd. It’s not hard to see that someone is a mad Lion King fan!

I had a ball – even the long long hours pulled in making everything on this cake, long long HAPPY hours. The cake is a luscious red velvet cake with a thick layer of white chocolate ganache. Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for gasps of delight and oodles of drool…;)

Thank you Kylie, you’ve been a joy to work with. We wish you and Ronnie lots of laughter, tender moments and bliss.

credits: the Little Cherry Cake Company for sparking jungle design idea.

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Lego Cake

What a fun fun fun cake to make!

It was more like a covert operation as Melinda and I discussed the cake in “secret”. No phone calls to her home. Or when her family is around. Preferably, no phone calls at all! But it’s all for a good cause as Melinda wanted to surprise her husband, Wayne, who is a huge Lego fan.

I hope that my Lego loving children, nephews, nieces, and friends’ children will grow up still enjoying these ubiquitous coloured bricks, like Wayne.

A heartfelt thank you to Melinda too for her wonderful comments, which I’ll share here:

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! What can I say, what an awesome job you did with Wayne’s lego cake!! Everyone absolutely loved it, the kids’ reaction in particular was priceless – they didn’t want me to cut it! They’ve taken some to school today to show off to their mates.
So thank you so much, Wayne was extremely impressed. I really appreciate all your efforts with it, it looked amazing, not to mention how it tasted – it was delicious.

Thanks again,

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Minecraft Diamond Ore cake

Let me start by declaring – this cake is a labour of love!

At least a thousand pieces of individually cut tiles. Four layers of my son’s favorite flavour combination- chocolate and caramel. Chunks of Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Beanies on vanilla Swiss buttercream filling. Isomalt gems. Hours upon hours “tiling” the cube.

But the end results – a very happy child – was worth it. His friends devoured what took at least 30 hours to create in no more than 30 min. Hmmm?!

MInecraft Diamond Ore cake: four layer cake - choc, choc caramel, caramel and vanilla. Vanilla swiss meringue buttercream with layer of Cadbury Marvellous Creations: Jelly Popping Candy Beanies. Blue isomalt sugar cubes

Uncovered MInecraft Diamond Ore cake: four layer cake - choc, choc caramel, caramel and vanilla. Vanilla swiss meringue buttercream with layer of Cadbury Marvellous Creations: Jelly Popping Candy Beanies

Uncovered MInecraft Diamond Ore cake: four layer cake - choc, choc caramel, caramel and vanilla. Vanilla swiss meringue buttercream with layer of Cadbury Marvellous Creations: Jelly Popping Candy Beanies

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Serendipity is…

… sometimes best described as stumbling upon something happy by sheer chance. That is how I would describe meeting May and chatting to her, only to discover that we have mutual good friends, and our families are somewhat connected. So I was simply delighted to be able to make these cakes to celebrate May’s beautiful daughters’ special days – a 21st birthday and a graduation celebration (in becoming a doctor!). Thank you too to May for her wonderful comments and for sharing her family photos.

Is Melanie going to eat THAT slice of cake?!😉


Future Doctor cake with sugarpaste stethoscope I made next to Melanie’s stethoscope – the real one!

red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream layer, then covered with white chocolate ganache

Hi Jamie, The cake was the BEST birthday cake I have ever eaten! So yummy, Normally people don’t eat the birthday cake but everyone liked your cake. Thank you for your suggestions, the cake, the cream cheese filling, the icing everything ! Andrea love the cake too. She was expecting the cake to be more Gold colour ,still she doesn’t mind the yellow, Thank you! (May)

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Cake heaven: Deluxe cupcakes for combined 100th birthday party

One of my most deliciously decadent and glorious cupcake order. Seriously in cake heaven whilst I was working on this. This is for a most lovely couple who are celebrating their birthday together – hence the 100th birthday party. What a great idea!

As there were no specific theme, I chose to express their vivacious and graceful personality in the cupcakes, culminating in a more adult-like design with a simple elegance and a touch of lively decadence.

There were rich devil’s food cupcakes with a zesty lemon cream cheese, light raspberry vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream, moist chocolate mud cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. These are then topped with an assortment of handmade edible decorations. I started to go a little mad thinking of truffles, chocolate curls/panels/shards, rich chocolate glaze, oozy caramel sauce, shiny berries and silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream in an assortment of flavours – all made from scratch. There was even a batch of gluten-free almond-orange and chocolate cupcakes with a smooth chocolate glaze. What more can I say? This was too much fun.



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An owl themed birthday party

This was a time consuming project as the birthday girl was very specific about what she wanted. Flavours, colour and final choice of cake design were all decided by the little monster!

And this is her list: three layer cake with different flavours. So we have a vanilla cake, red velvet cake and raspberry vanilla cake. The fillings, gulp… had to be vanilla buttercream but each layer must be sprinkled with her favourite condiment – shaved desiccated coconut. Then, a white chocolate ganache for the outer coating and fondant must be lightly flavored with rosewater. And the 150 or so handmade flowers must in graduated shades.

Then there were the owl cake balls. Plus another smaller pink owl cake (red velvet) in case there’s not enough cake! As if.

So many requirements from a kid! But… the end results were fantastic. The combination of cake flavours were delicious.


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Kids in the Kitchen: Owl Cake Pops Fun

We had soooo much fun making these cute owl cake pops! Every one had its own personality and they were very yummy too. Can you find “The Kungfu Master”, the “Dead Ones”, “The Punk”, “The Dude” “The Angry Guy” and “The Girl”? OK, I’ve had the occasional comment that they looked more like Angry Birds. Whaa? These are owls. End of discussion.

The three girls had a great time – even though dipping the cake balls in chocolate made a goopy mess, and decorating the cake balls were very finicky work. There were a few exasperated grunts and sighs…. but also a lot of silly dancing (a great way to de-stress) and multi-finger licking!  But looking at the girls’ gorgeous handiwork and wide smiles, it was all worth it. Check it out…


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